Friday, January 23, 2009

Pure Evil Incarnate

What kind of piece of shit does this?

Fucking appauling.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

BMX - BSX 1 v 1 on Monday @ Pheasant Creek

Hit up BMXULTRA for info. Yours truly will be in attendance on my ET Anniversary Kuwahara. Strictly spectating. Until i get fit again....and win the Aussies.
It's not gonna happen.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Wow. No kids for this dude.

I have no words. Apart from those.

...and those.

X & Hell x A-Style - Drunk Girls & Disco Fights Mix

This long intro and rant was up at Affinity. I'm not gonna not steal it.

Drunk Girls & Disco Fights is a new mix from Melbourne duo X & Hell, mixed by their DMC winning DJ A-Style, as a soundtrack to all your intoxicated bad decisions and broken New Year resolutions.

In all its party-hazed glory, Drunk Girls & Disco Fights takes its influence from X & Hell's manic live show, and serves as a nice little pre-cursor to the release their forthcoming long-player Million Dollar Sex Party, due in April through Illusive Sounds.

Throwing together random shots of pop, Miami bass, electro, new jack, bassline, rap and brand new X & Hell cuts, Drunk Girls & Disco Fights is an international, multi-genre kickstarter, created truly in the spirit of it's title.

Drunk Girls & Disco Fights is available for free download HERE

Drunk Girls & Disco Fights can also be streamed HERE

Drunk Girls & Disco Fights Tracklist

1.Seven Nation Army / Move It Move It - The White Stripes / Reel 2 Reel
2.Don't Stop (Wiggle Wiggle) - Outhere Brothers
3.Don't Stop Movin (Original/Winning/A-Style/Dublin Aunts Mixes) - X & Hell
4.D.A.N.C.E (MSTRKRFT Remix) - Justice5.Bounce - MSTRKRFT feat N.O.R.E 6.Green Light (Diplo Dade County 1988 Remix) - John Legend feat Andre 3000
7.Maui Wowie - KiD CuDi
8.When We Were Young (Styalz Fuego Remix) - Sneaky Sound System
9.She Needs My Love - The Dream
10.Here Comes The Rain Again - Eurythmics
11.Mr Vain - Culture Beat
12.Day N Nite (Crookers Remix) - KiD CuDi
13.Stronger (A-Trak Remix) - Kanye West
14.Where The Party At (Remix) - Tonite Only feat X & Hell
15.Sweaty Wet (Remix) - KillaQueenz feat Ken Hell
16.Hoochie Mama - 2 Live Crew
17.Tootsie Roll - 69 Boyz18.Ghetto Musik - Outkast
19 You Know What - N.E.R.D
20.My Fkn Hat (Produced by Shazam) - X & Hell
21.My Cool (Remix) - Adam Tensta feat Weapon X
22.N.A.S.A Music - LA Riots feat Method Man & E-40
23.Jump - Van Halen
24.Lights & Music - Cut Copy
25.Shades Off (Reprise) - X & Hell
26.Shooting Stars - Bag Raiders
27.We Are The People (Shazam Remix) - Empire of the Sun
28.Send Me An Angel / Jump The Gun - Real Life / X & Hell
29.Come On Girl (Delinquent Remix) - Taio Cruz
30.Heartbroken - T2 feat Ayesha
31.My Destiny - Delinquent feat K-Cat
32.When We Were Kids (Bag Raiders Remix) - The Galvatrons
33.Good Luck - Basement Jaxx

Drunk Girls & Disco Fights

Thursday, January 15, 2009

In Memory of Owen Hart

Ain't bought new kicks in roughly 2 years. Had to break the drought for the late Blue Blazer. RIP Owen Hart. If you don't know - get familiar.

Jack Fucking Bauer

After the somewhat disappointing 6th Season, The aptly titled 7th season pre-movie "24 Redemption" coupled with the first 4 episodes have won back a lot of love from this viewer. Essentially, the writers are 'putting the band back together' and I couldn't be more appreciative.
I remain doubtful that this series can ever soar to the heights it once reached, but at least I get to watch Bauer beat the bejesus out of some people for another 20 hours or so.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Neyo vs Jim Jones on Twitter

If you haven't heard, Jones' and Neyo's respective "crews" got into it at a Louis Vuitton store. Google it if you need a late pass. I may indeed need one myself for this post, but I don't care.

Over at COMPLEX they compiled this fictional twitter fight. Too funny. That's Jim's new CD artwork at the bottom there BTW. Not bad. Jim may have excessive facial hair at the best of times, but Neyo is BALLLLDINNN.

GoonieGooGoo ballin out at the lv store

GoonieGooGoo xmas in harlem!!!!!!

GoonieGooGoo @ ChinkSantana yo go grab that duffel and some lv parachute pants 4 me ima be over here doin pushups and not shaving

ChinkSantana hjksdflhkj

GoonieGooGoo u really need 2 learn 2 type ni**a

GoonieGooGoo yo is that neyo

GoonieGooGoo this mr potato head lookin ass dude just grabbed the last duffel!!!

GoonieGooGoo @ NeyoSoul thats my bag ni**a

NeYoSoul @ GoonieGooGoo that aint yr hand on it tho is it

GoonieGooGoo @ NeYoSoul no thats your lotiony ass hand gimme dat bag Shaffer

GoonieGooGoo @ NeYoSoul i got 40 stacks in my jeans no homo

NeYoSoul @LittleTyTy lets go man i gotta go make a song that uses a disease or addiction metaphor to explain romantic entanglements

LittleTyTy @ NeYoSoul so go buy the bag then

NeYoSoul @LittleTyTy you do it im practicing licking my lips these full length mirrors r hardbody

GoonieGooGoo @ MelMatrix yo is that jay camel’s man’s brother

GoonieGooGoo @ MelMatrix that is a terrible swag contest ni**a

GoonieGooGoo mini me just went 2 the register this is not goin down

LittleTyTy@S_C jimmy here runnin his mouth about you again

GoonieGooGoo @missinfo spolier alert im about to stomp out your boy

missinfo “Spoiler Alert”? Who talks like that? LOL!

S_C @LittleTyTy l’chaim!!!!

LittleTyTy goddamnit i cant wait to be promoted to weed carrier

GoonieGooGoo @DameDash Call Kalina


missinfo Lawyers? That’s so Un Rivera! *puts on disguise and meets G-Dep in Harlem for coffee*

NeYoSoul ow shit wtf was that

NeYoSoul someone just threw a thermal @ my bigass head

Oshy @NeYoSoul that was me ni**a BYRD GANG RAWR

MelMatrix neyo about to get pwned!!!!

GoonieGooGoo wtf is pwned?

NeYoSoul wtf is an oshy?

MelMatrix @GoonieGooGoo clearly you’re not well-versed in web 2.0 slang. perhaps i assumed it was lingua franca, but i was apparently mistaken. mea culpa!

MelMatrix @GoonieGooGoo i mean SOOWOOOOO

LouisVEmployee Sacre bleu, les savages est dans le magasin!

GoonieGooGoo Fuck i just skinned my knuckle on this dudes purse

NeYoSoul @GoonieGooGoo Yeeeeahhh feel the power of the LV clutch you dirt angel

JuelzSantana Jimmy where r you? My digital mixtape just went plutonium SKULL GANG! PAUSE!!!!!

missinfo Seriously people, the only thing worse than beefing rappers is beefing singers. What year is this? SMH LOL SMH ZOMG I’m going to bed.

NeYoSoul Man im glad ive been takin these boxercise classes at crunch


LouisVEmployee @HipHopCop come quick jimmy is whylin out again


MaxBiggavelli im outside the lv store selling pencils and just saw jimmy catch a speedknot!!!!

MaxBiggavelli srsly im telling the truth also i fucked jims wife and im very very wealthy off my music

MaxBiggavelli Id give neyo a deal if i could hey amalgam gimme an imprint

MaxBiggavelli @ amalgamdigital oh yeah and buy a pencil they so waaaaaaaavy

BTW you can find on twitter like the socially starved n3tb0y i am. ST_Flames

Monday, January 12, 2009

TV is the new RADIO.... and what the hell that means

Since Australian radio (as a rule) has stopped breaking new artists and has kind of become the last place you'll hear songs 'for the first time' - the effect of synchronization to TV programs, station promos or advertisements has never been so poweful. Just today on Nova I heard 'Everybody's Free' which is a Global Deejays remix of the Rozalla dance classic. This is the song used on the extended pre-season promotion for Channel Ten's So You Think You Can Dance Australia (see video above) over the past couple of weeks, and it certainly didn't garner any daytime radio spins prior to the Ten campaign.

With the exception of marquee artists (whose popularity and sales history is at a level where anything new they service to radio will get added to CHR) and songs which have seen huge charting overseas prior to release here, radio is not playing 'new' music. They're waiting. Taking no chances. Someone once told me that an Austereo honcho (Fox/2day/b105/MMM etc) stated that they are not in the music business, they are in the advertising business. That statement has never been truer. Meanwhile, Channel 10 should start a record label or publishing company already, as they are the biggest driving force in Australian music today.

ARIA recently released their Annual lists of the biggest songs/albums in Australia, which included the Top 20 Australian Singles of 2008. Fuego said he was keen to compare these songs to the Most Played on radio, but peep my comparison.

Purely from memory and from my own exposure, I've picked out the songs from the Top 20 which were aided largely by TV. There are more I'm sure, and I only watch 10, ABC & SBS.

19. Natalie Bassingthwaighte - Alive

She's from TV in the first place. This is the Minogue Imbruglia Goodrem model in full effect. Rogue Traders have always had heavy placement with Channel TEN, no doubt resulting from NB's Neighbours role. This her first solo single was smashed as part of TEN's NYE promos, in addition to other station promos around earlier in the year.

17. Mr.G - Naughty Girl

Song from the TV show, credited to the TV Show's fiction character. It don't get more reliant on TV than this.

15. Axle Whitehead - I Don't Do Surprises

First gen Australian Idol jazz-douche makes good with decent pop song after a stint as Video Hits presenter. he took his time to cash in musically on the idol thing but he did it pretty big in 08.

14. Rogue Traders - I Never Liked You

Again. Neighbours chick front-woman. Heavy Ch10 support. It's a wrap.

09. Faker - This Heart Attack

This was definitely used by Ch10 for promos of upcoming shows, shitty local drama comes to mind. Really heavy mid 2008.

08. Wes Carr - You

This years winner of the Australian Music Industry's 'Free Parking'.

07. The Presets - My People

I know this ended up scoring the Hyundai A-League Ad. They considered one of our tracks for this actually. To be fair, this song had been a hit by the time these Ads aired, and I can't remember if it was TV fodder any earlier. That said - It went back into daytime thrashing on Nova after the A-League ads aired.

06. The Potbelleez - Don't Hold Back

Massive Massive Massive TV Driven success. Channel 10 hammered this mofo along with one other song through the marathon first season of SYTYCD Australia. I'm also pretty sure it was a Big Brother fave.

04. Jessica Mauboy ftg. Flo Rida - Running Back

Idol. Bang.

02. The Veronicas - Untouched

Hammered, and I mean HAMMERED on SYTYCD Australia S01. Ch10 didn't stop there, but it was this placement last year that made me realise that TV had become the most integral part of marketing records in Australia.

10 of 20 and that's from memory. I don't watch that much TV either.

ARIA Info via auspOp